Ibanez MTM20 Mick Thomson Signature Electric Guitar
Ibanez MTM20 Mick Thomson Signature Electric Guitar,Australia,Buy Online,Best Price

Ibanez MTM20 Mick Thomson Signature Electric Guitar

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Slipknot has torn up the metal scene with their own distinctive sound -- a sound of which Mick Thompson's gritty guitar tone and playing are no doubt a large part. His Ibanez MTM20 signature electric guitar takes Thompson's tone and places it in your hands. This RG axe is built with a mahogany body and a sweet five-piece maple/walnut Wizard III neck for your metal and shredding pleasure. A pair of Duncan HP105-MT humbuckers project a harsh and aggressive tone. Mick Thompson's number "Seven" is seen as a pearl inlay on the upper portion of your MTM20's neck to showcase his alliance to Slipknot's eminence.

Atypical Mahogany Body Ibanez's RG guitars usually use basswood for their bodies for a lighter feel and a mid to higher frequency resonance. Mahogany gives your playing a darker, low-mid and bass-focused frequency response. As a result, the tone from your MTM20 will be beefier and heavier -- it will have a darker color that's geared toward a grittier metal sound.

A Pair of Duncan HB105-MT Humbuckers Your two Duncan HB105-MT humbuckers work together in a no-nonsense alliance to bring you unrelenting metal tone. Your neck humbucker projects a slightly darker sound that thickens your lead playing, and your bridge brightens up your tone a bit more. Used together, these two monsters of tone blend a nice compound of a fuller signal that resounds nicely with this axe's darker-sounding mahogany body.

Maple/Walnut Wizard III Neck with "Seven" Inlay The pearl "Seven" inlay on your MTM20's neck marks Mick Thompson's number in Slipknot's lineup. Its sharp contrast to this axe's dark rosewood fretboard evokes a sinister allure. Your Wizard III neck harness a comfortable action and is made up of a five-piece composite of walnut and maple for longer sustain and easy playability.

Pitch Black Hardware From your FX Edge III bridge to your tuners, all hardware on this baby is pitch-black. The color of your sound and the shade of your metal-ware make this guitar a sweet axe to look at as it tears up the stage. The darkness of your hardware also adds a nice contrast to the pearl inlay on your Wizard III neck.

Ibanez MTM20 Mick Thomson Signature Electric Guitar Features
  • Five-piece maple/walnut Wizard III neck
  • Mahogany body
  • Duncan HB105-MT neck and bridge humbuckers
  • Bound rosewood fingerboard with Mick Thompson's number "Seven" pearl inlay
  • 24 jumbo frets
  • FX-Edge III bridge
  • One volume and three-way pickup selector switch
  • Secure pitch-black hardware
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