BLUE Reactor Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone
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BLUE Reactor Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone

Blue Microphones
Buy the BLUE Reactor Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone online at the best price of AU $700 with free international shipping to most worldwide locations including Australia. If your Blue Microphones order is not in stock , your credit card or Paypal account will not be charged.
AU $700
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Blue is known for building high-quality studio mics with visually arresting, instant-classic designs. The Reactor multi-pattern condenser continues Blue's "eye-candy" tradition -- with a surprisingly affordable price tag to seal the deal. Destined to be a studio staple, the Reactor owes its versatility to a 90-degree swiveling head, innovative magnetic pop filter, and an unmistakable three-pattern switch with magnified glowing icons for instant visual feedback. The Blue Reactor is priced to be your first multi-pattern microphone -- and thoughtfully designed to be one of the most versatile in your closet.

A Blue Pedigree: Inspired By the B6 Capsule Blue's famous Cactus and Kiwi nine-pattern condensers typically sell for $2000 and up -- not exactly the most budget-friendly price if you're trying to build your microphone collection. Luckily, the three-pattern Reactor is here to put celebrated Blue quality within easy reach. Drawing from Blue's B6 capsule used in the Kiwi and in the Blue Bottle, the Reactor's one-inch diaphragm, dual-backplate capsule is paired with solid-state class-A electronics. The Reactor has that detailed, airy Blue top end for which its bigger brothers are known, making this mic a great choice for lead or background vocals, crisp voiceovers, acoustic guitar, and more.

Dial-A-Pickup-Pattern When you have a multi-pattern mic up on a stand and ready to record, the last step before rolling is to make sure your mic is switched to the correct pickup pattern for your sound source. The pattern switch on the body of the Reactor is impossible to miss: it's a big round dial that rotates to select omni, cardioid, or bi-directional, displaying the icon for each pattern with a magnifying glass. As you switch to each pickup pattern, a distinctive glowing LED lights up its icon, adding to the Reactor's decidedly futuristic look. And if you need to switch patterns in the middle of a recording, you can noiselessly turn the Reactor's switch to hear what your source sounds like in any of its three patterns.

Rotating Head for Precise Positioning Because the Reactor can handle cardioid, omni, or bidirectional patterns, a pair of Reactors can combine to create a variety of stereo pairs: middle/side, Blumlein, ORTF, X-Y, spaced pair, you name it. (After all, at this price for a pro Blue mic, you'll probably want two) Build precisely aimed stereo setups with your Reactors' rotating capsule heads, designed to smoothly swivel and hold any position you place them in. Although the Reactor's body shape may seem unconventional, its rotating head makes it a handy choice for the tight situations that tend to pop up in the studio. Rotated a full 90 degrees to the side, each Reactor's grill is perfectly flush with its large round body, so it can be placed right up next to a guitar amp or vocalist for a clear, present close-mic recording.

Custom Accessories Packed in a sturdy aluminum case, the Reactor comes with a custom shock mount that complements its aesthetics. The included pop filter slides forward on a track, so it can be adjusted to any distance from the capsule, and it quickly locks on and pops off the neck of the Reactor with a magnetized ring mount.

BLUE Reactor Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone Features
  • Dual-backplate 1-inch diaphragm condenser based on Blue's B6 capsule
  • Switchable cardioid, omni, and bidirectional (figure-8) pickup patterns
  • LED backlight and magnifying glass pattern selection switch
  • 90-degree rotating head allows for flexible, precise positioning
  • Included hard case, custom shock mount and pop filter
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